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The Company - An Introduction:

LORD Civil was launched in early 2001 as a specialist civil engineering equipment supply and consulting company. Its launch followed a vision some 17 years ago by Founding Director, Mr Trevor Lord, to devise new innovations that would enhance the quality of subsurface utility location. The quest pioneered GPR for the application and the IP generated as a result remains Industry-leading and has revolutionised the utility location process in NZ and Australia.

Focus of LORD Civil:

The principle focus of LORD Civil is the provision of suitable devices, training and applications expertise to permit the highest levels of best practice in the location, identification, depth measurement, mapping, and safety in the excavation and management of buried infrastructure.

Expertise of LORD Civil in Minimising Third Party Damage to Buried Pipes and Cables:

Given that up to 70% of all damage to buried infrastructure is a result of third party damage during excavation activities, LORD Civil gives this area particular focus and holds unique expertise and intellectual property in this field. Our ‘Locate Safe' methodology is both proven and widely regarded at potentially largely mitigating this issue internationally.

Items such as power cables, telecom cables, fibre optic cables, gas mains, water pipes, drainage pipes, and sewer mains are all potentially able to be identified, correctly located, and excavated without damage by way of LORD Civil's technologies and methodologies.

Other areas of Focus of LORD Civil:

The Company also is focussed on the applications of ground penetrating radar ‘GPR' to specialised fields of civil engineering. These include rebar imaging for the purposes of alteration to existing concrete structures, seismic stability studies for older concrete structures, and legal investigations of alleged poor construction methods. Related areas addressed are bridge beam quality assessment and study, road bed and geotechnical engineering studies, water table assessments, ground stability studies, excavation route planning and costing, and archaeology.

Antarctic and geophysical research using ground radar technology, particularly by tertiary institutes, are major areas of support by LORD Civil. Application notes logically form a large part of the LORD Civil Web site.

Pipe inspection cameras are also offered.

Equipment offered by LORD Civil:

LORD Civil offers a wide range of options and configurations for Ground Penetrating Radar. Also pipe and cable route tracing and location equipment.

Brands offered by LORD Civil:

Many leading brands are represented, including Sensors and Software Canada, Rycom USA