Sub-Surface Location

A full suite of world leading Cable and Pipe locators; GPR Carts and GPR non-destructive testing inspection systems including sheath fault detection  Frames; Sonde and Push Rod systems.  All backed by LORD Civil recognised competency-assessed training courses in this subject.

Cable and Pipe LocatorsCable and Pipe Locators

Our professional grade Rycom Range of Handheld Cable and Pipe locators are an affordable solution to assist in the location of buried utilities simply and accurately.
Ranging in output power from 3 to 10 watts our range meets every challenge from tracking that power cable through to checking a fence line for the presence of metallic services.  Available with a full range of accessories including sonde and push rods and backed by our recognised training package; these products improve safety and reduce costs.  Don’t  forget we can assist with Ground Penetrating Concrete scanning and Locate and mark Radar solutions  for those non-metallic services and more technical requirements.

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Ground Penetrating RadarGround Penetrating Radar

Sourced from the world’s leading provider of GPR equipment.  Lord Civil provides the most complete Ground Penetrating Radar system in the world;  be it our entry level LMX 100  - Locate and Mark System through to our  Conquest Concrete Scanners  and Noggin Cart Systems  - GPR systems offers leading edge technology  that when combined with post scan rendering software packages provides a comprehensive Geo technical and  non-destructive testing solution.

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GPR Technology

Roads and Bridges Inspection