Software for Noggin

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ConquestView software generates depth slices and cross-sectional images of concrete structures on a ..
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ConquestView 3D Visualization
Voxler provides many display options including volumes, variable-opacity views, isosurfaces and orth..
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Interactively pick, label and export GPR feature attributes for a wide range of reporting requiremen..
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EKKO_Mapper creates GPR depth slice maps quickly and easily. Using the systematic grid data acquisit..
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EKKO_Mapper 3D Visualization
EKKO_Mapper supports 3D volume data in HDF and CSV file formats for easy use in third-party 3D visua..
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Sensors & Software Inc. announces the release of EKKO_Project – the new, umbrella PC based..
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EKKO_View is used to plot GPR data (dt1) files collected with Noggin and pulseEKKO systems. EKKO_..
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EKKO_View Enhanced and EKKO_View Deluxe
EKKO_View Enhanced allows for data plotting as well as data editing and simple data processing of th..
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Ice Picker
IcePicker automatically integrates GPS data and exports Google Earth compatible KMZ files. Users can..
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QuickMap enables fast creation of colour-coded ski hill snow depth maps on a PC. When the SnowScan s..
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